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    San Andreas Police Department Recruitment Status [OPEN]

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    San Andreas Police Department Recruitment Status [OPEN]

    Post by Samy Flex on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:07 am

    San Andreas Police Department Recruitment Status


    Available TimeZones

    Recruitment Statuses Defined
    [✓] OPEN - Recruitment for San Andreas Police  Department is currently open. Feel free to review all of our Requirements and Procedures to ensure a successful application. Failure to review this material may result in an automatic denial from Training & Recruitment members. Contacting members from Training & Recruitment and/or (Executive) Management regarding your pending application will also result in an automatic denial. Please be sure to have all essentials at hand while waiting for your recommendations, interview, or invite. By doing so, Management will be able to process your application at ease and consume less time.

    (( Be sure to make a backup of your application before submitting it ))

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