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    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover

    Ashley Rover

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    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover Empty SAPD Application - Ashley Rover

    Post by Ashley Rover Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:30 pm

    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover Sapdbadge
    San Andreas Police Department

    Employment Application


    #Personal Information

    1.Your Name:
    Ashley Rover



    4.Date of birth:

    5.Contact number:


    7.Do you posess any medical conditions?:
    No I do not.

    #Personal Details

    1.Write your personal biography: ((Must be at least 350 words))
    Hello, my name is Ashley Rover. I was born on the 3rd of November, 1989. I was born and raised in the city of Los Santos. My family resided in an urban area, where everything was calm and quiet. My parents have raised me to be respectful at all times, I've simply grown into it. I attended kindergarten in Los Santos aswell, there's nothing special to mention about it, it was pretty much the same experience as for everyone else. After reaching the age of seven I was sent into primary school. I was scared on my first day but in the end it ended up becoming a nice experience. I passed the first four classes with marks close to the highest ones. Middle school came and everything was different. Classes five and six were pretty normal, but then I became a teenager, I've changed lots of my interests and I barely paid attention to school anymore. My parents were not proud of me at all, but I did not care about their opinion at that time. I used not to listen to teachers and I kept getting bad marks. By the end of the 8th class I got into my own mind and realized that if I continue I won't have a bright future. I've got into a part vocational school where I studied accounting and law. I got back to my old routines of learning and listening. I have finished high school with exceptional grades. I was proud of myself and so were my parents. At that point I've settled my mind and knew that I wanted to continue studying law and then possibly join a police force. I've got into a great college, I studied criminal law. I paid attention to classes and I made the best out of everything. I believe that the only reason I paid so much attention to this because the subject actually interested me. I've finished college and I have got my diploma. I am currently unemployed and as I'm still in Los Santos, I wish to join the San Andreas Police Department.

    2.Why are you interested in joining the SAPD?: ((Must be at least 150 words))
    I would like to join the San Andreas Police Department because I have always shown great interest in the subject of law enforcement.Through my past working experiences with the Los Santos Police Department, I learned quite a few things which I believe will be put to better use working in the Police department. I have through my experiences worked together many times with the SAPD and I have for a very long time been contemplating joining up with the SAPD.

    I believe that SAPD offers a more unique and rewarding experience. The level of professionalism, bravery, and integrity their members portray is something I definitely want to be a part of. I believe I would be able to fit well into the department and hopefully prove that I contain these attributes

    I would like to provide a meaningful service back to society, and the best way I believe I can do that, is through enforcing the law and being a peace officer within the SAPD. My local police force which I looked up to whilst growing up as a child, and still look up to now.

    I believe I could become a valuable member of the Police Department I am well known within the environments of Law Enforcement in the state of San Andreas and I am also good at working together with others in teams.

    3.why you are the right choice for the SAPD?: ((Must be at least 100 words))
    I believe I am the right choice for the San Andreas Police Department because of my experience I have gathered through studies. I have a tactical mind and I'm able to work in a team and under pressure. I am a quick learner and I'm able to execute orders both perfectly and quickly. I would not put myself above any others and I believe that everyone else is just as qualified for this position as I am but I am willing to fight for it. I believe that I'll make a good addition mainly because of my knowledge about criminal law. I also have lots of goals upon graduating in SAPD, such as joining the tactical department.

    4.List your current employment and all past employment!:
    -FDSA past

    #Applicant Oath

    I certify that the answers contained within this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. By agreeing below I hereby authorize investigation of all statements contained within this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. I hereby understand and acknowledge that, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, any employment relationship with this organization is of an "at will" nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Employer may discharge Employee from the recruitment process at any time with or without cause. It is further understood that this "at will" employment relationship may not be changed by any written document or by conduct unless such change is specifically acknowledged in writing by an authorized executive of this organization. In the event of employment, I understand that any false or misleading information given in my application or interview(s) may result in denial and bar from re-application. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer.




    3.Country and GMT:
    Romania GMT+3

    4.List all previous names:

    5.SS of /stats((Both pages)):
    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover 6YWxbtU
    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover YcpGMHt

    6.Do you possess a working Teamspeak and microphone?:
    Yes I do

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    Samy Flex
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    Head of Moderator

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    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover Empty Re: SAPD Application - Ashley Rover

    Post by Samy Flex Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:20 am

    Application Accepted

    Thank you for taking the time to apply for the San Andreas Police Department. Upon reviewing your application, we have decided that you have been accepted.
    High Command/Human Resource staff shall contact you for an interview. This interview will be conducted within a period of 3-4 days from the date of acceptance.
    Please be patient and await your call as harassing members can result in an application being denied.
    Once called for your interview, you are required to arrive at the main reception in Pershing Square, Los Santos for processing.
    Obviously, you should not have any items that wouldn't be permitted inside, including legitimate firearms and narcotics.

    If you are unable to attend your initial interview when called, a follow up attempt will be made.
    Congratulations and good luck with your interview.

    (( Wait inside of "SAPD Lobby" in Teamspeak with "Interview" next to your name. Interviews are done ICly. ))
    Tyler Harden
    Tyler Harden

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    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover Empty Re: SAPD Application - Ashley Rover

    Post by Tyler Harden Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:18 pm

    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover KEHmqMF

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    SAPD Application - Ashley Rover Empty Re: SAPD Application - Ashley Rover

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