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    Kareem_Tal application for LSPD


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    Kareem_Tal   application for LSPD Empty Kareem_Tal application for LSPD

    Post by Kareem_Tal Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:19 pm

    1.Your Name:



    4.Date of birth:

    5.Contact number:


    7.Do you posses any medical conditions?:
    ((no don't have))

    #Personal Details

    1.Write your personal biography: ((Must be at least 350 words))
    ((when i start play SamP online i was play at cops and robbers mode then i played in ngg server but now i don't play there anymore after i visited this server its same form ngg and i like it so much i'm a friendly guy and respect all members and i hate Dm (Death math ) kill for no reason i respect the rules and i hope i get accepted on LSPD because its my Dream be one of LSPD member that;s all )).

    2.Why are you interested in joining the SAPD?: ((Must be at least 150 words))
    ((Because i would like arrest criminal and follow them to clear the country from Terrorism and i it was my dream to be one of them in ngg server but i like wg server so much and i hope i get accepted because i'm very good with arrest criminals and help the civil people to don't be killed
    Note*: sorry if my english bad i hope you understand me and i respect all rules and all orders .))

    3.why you are the right choice for the SAPD?: ((Must be at least 100 words))
    ((because i like it so much and i like arrest criminals and wanted and to save people life That's all and its not important to say 100 word to get accepted i just say what i will do if i will be cop in future i listen to all orders and respect all rules ))

    4.List your current employment and all past employment!:
    ((i was work at pizza boy then i had work at shipment and i'm waiting for join lspd . ))

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